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Hassan Mubark

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Dr Hassan Mubark

Expanded Stem Cell Therapy

Dr Mubark is an experienced joint disease specialist with more than 30 years in medical practice.


Specialising in Rheumatology since 2007, he developed a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports medicine particularly in regenerative medicine.  He has been doing regenerative medicine, such as expanded stem cell therapy and plasma, for many years with good results.

His main interest is interventional procedures under ultrasound-guidance that can transform the lives of selected clients. His treatment has produced many successes, including treating the most challenging cases including world unique records, world champions, and All Blacks. His most outstanding outcomes include curing a fully torn shoulder tendon, healing a fracture and hip labral tear.
Dr Mubark is working hard to bring the latest advances with two main aims - to help arthritis and injuries sufferers and to let New Zealand lead the world with good science. This determination has resulted in him receiving an award in 2023 for “Global Recognition for Innovative Stem Cell Therapy”.

His work in regenerative medicine includes:

  1. Fat-derived expanded stem cells

  2. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with/without hyaluronic acid (gel) injections

  3. Durolane (hyaluronic acid) injections

Conditions we treat:

  1. Osteoarthritis (wear and tear) of all upper and lower limbs joints including the small joints of hands and feet

  2. Knee meniscus injuries

  3. Shoulder and hip labral tears

  4. Various tendons and ligaments tear

  5. Selected spinal injections including facet joints and sacroiliac joints

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Ormiston Specialist Centre
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