Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor, Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, 2019
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Procedure Room Available

The Ormiston Specialist Centre incorporates an on-site state of the art, fully equipped procedure room where surgeons are able to consult and perform procedures under local anaesthetic, all from the one location, providing patients with a convenient, easy to access, local service.
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The Procedure Room was built to meet Southern Cross accreditation standards.  The state of the art equipment includes adjustable operating table, ceiling mounted operating light, air-conditioning, diathermy unit, suction unit, vital signs monitor (pulse-oximeter), high spec autoclaving machine, dedicated scrub sink, and resuscitation equipment (including assess to a defibrillator).  A comprehensive selection of surgical instruments and operating disposables are available. 

The addition of a recovery room, ensures patients requiring oral or IV sedation are able to relax until they are ready to head home.

The Procedure Room at Ormiston Specialist Centre is available to book on a stand-alone basis, should you require use of the procedure room facilities only. 

Contact “The Team” today to discuss booking the procedure room or talk with your GP for a referral to one of our specialists.
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Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor
Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
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