Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor, Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, 2019
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Gynaecology-871Experts in Women's health 

The gynaecological team of consultants at Ormiston Specialist Centre offer a complete women’s service encompassing oncology, benign gynaecology, minimal access surgery, female incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction surgery.                

  • Multidisciplinary gynaecological oncology team
  • Urogynaecology and urodynamics
  • General gynaecology

Our team of Specialists are available for a consultation, if necessary please see your GP and ask for a referral. 

Our team includes Katherine Sowden, Ernest MavusoChristina TieuLynsey Hayward, Lulu Van Eeden and Lois Eva.

Book a consultation. 

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(09) 271 3305

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Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor
Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
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