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Michael Flint

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Mr Michael Flint
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Flint has over17 years experience as an Orthopaedic surgeon and is the specialist to see for any orthpaedic issues or concerns. Available for consultation out of Ormiston Specialist Centre at your convenience. 

Mr Michael Flint Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Mr Flint has been a consultant at Middlemore Hospital since 2005 and until recently was the Head of the Middlemore Sarcoma Unit and on the Ministry of Health Tumour Stream Steering Group. His consultation practice has now extended to the East of Auckland through Ormiston Specialist Centre.

Mr Flint is available to evaluate and treat patients with hip, knee and shoulder issues and those with concerning musculoskeletal lesions. As an orthopaedic expert Mr Flint specialises in primary and revision hip and knee joint replacement, sports injuries of the knee and shoulder and musculoskeletal tumour surgery.

Mr Flint is an experienced and skilled surgeon and one of the few proponents in New Zealand of Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery, a minimally invasive muscle sparing technique leading to faster rehabilitation, with less pain and a lower risk of dislocation than standard hip replacement techniques. 

You can see Mr Flint with a referral from your GP or make a private consultation booking. If you have any orthopaedic concerns, have them seen to and book a consultation with Mr Flint today. Email: reception@ormistonspecialists.co.nz 

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