Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor, Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, 2019
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Hypertension-385Looking after your heart 

Ormiston Specialist Centre delivers excellence in hypertension practice. 

Hypertension is a primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including strokeheart attackheart failure, and aneurysm. Keeping blood pressure under control is vital for preserving health and reducing the risk of these dangerous conditions.

Our expert hypertension specialist is Dr Hari Talreja, read his profile to learn more or ask your GP for a referral with Dr Talreja. Alternatively please contact us for further information or to book a consultation.

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Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor
Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
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