Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor, Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, 2019
Email: reception@ormistonspecialists.co.nz
(09) 271 3305


At Ormiston Specalist Centre we have a complimentary team of support staff who are focused on delivering the highest standards of care to our patients. 

Specialist Receptionists:
Our reception team are the friendly voices you hear on the end of the phone and the smiling faces that greet you when you come into the clinic. 

Deborah-824-238-72-955                                     Sheryle Anne  Winstanley-683 
Deborah Rand-Robson                                       Sheryle Winstanley

Medical Typist:
Working alongside our specialists in the Centre is our expert medical typist Shirley Phyffer. 

Shirley Phyffer


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(09) 271 3305


Ormiston Specialist Centre
Ground Floor
Ormiston Hospital
125 Ormiston Road
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
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